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Blocked drains can be troublesome. We often end up putting all sorts of materials down the drain that do not belong there at all. A drain blockage usually occurs because of heavy materials that stuck in the drain after they are flushed. Pipes and sinks can also be clogged due to grease, sanitary products, hand towels, baby diapers, etc.

If such blockages are dealt with in time, it is relatively easy to fix them and further problems like leakages, overflows, and electrical damage can be avoided.

Drain Cleaning Services in Edinburgh
Drain Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

The drain can be indoor or outdoor. If it is outside, one of the main reasons that cause a blockage is the build-up of dead leaves or shrubs (source). Whereas, if the blockage is indoor, it is mainly caused by the factors mentioned above like wipes, tissues, fallen hair, etc.

A blocked drain can be in the kitchen or your bathroom. Severe blockages can also require professional drainage engineers who would be readily available to help you out all across Edinburgh.

You should take into account the fact that prevention of a blocked drain should happen on a daily basis, in your daily routine. Make sure to not put any food particle in your sink, dispose of the leftover grease after making any fried item in the garbage bin; do not flush any sanitary item, baby diapers or any such item down your toilet. Keep your yard free from leaves and debris to avoid outdoor drain clogging. Sweep your garden regularly. Such minor steps can prevent your drain from blocking in the first place.

If you still have a blocked drain and are clueless of what to do, just follow any of these simple steps (or maybe all of them if one does not work) –

  1. Pour boiling water down the drain to unclog it. This may not entirely clear heavy blockage but will end up clearing it partially. Acc to dummies (source), you can use this method with any other method for best results.
  2. Take the help of a plunger if you feel there are substances stuck. Grease the edge of the suction pad with petroleum jelly to get better seal and results.
  3. Use baking soda it is a great cleaning agent and also helps you get rid of the foul odor.
  4. Pour a cup of vinegar in the drain and wait for 30 minutes. After that, continue with running down boiling/hot water down the drain. This will act as an organic solvent and help in removing all the organic build-up in pipes.
  5. Take off the cover of the drain, wear gloves and take out all the build-up using hands.
  6. In adverse cases, you can also consider buying a commercial drain cleaner which is chemically based and helps in removing clogs. Flush these toxic chemicals and wait for the drain to get unclogged easily and naturally.

If none of the methods mentioned above work, you will have to consider contacting a drain expert from a plumbing company in Edinburgh. We have trained professional draining engineers who are only a call away. Make an appointment and sit back, as we take the best care of the work to be done!

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