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Yes, We can have a plumber at your doorstep to fix your emergency today! That’s 24x7x365 and we do not charge extra for emergencies.

If you’re looking for an emergency, we serve Edinburgh and all places within a 50 mile radius of our office.

However, if you can wait until tomorrow then can accomodate longer distances.

Freezing occurs when the temprature around the pipes gets too cold. To avoid this, the best option is to insulate your water pipes.

We recommend that you extra insulate pipes that are in the garage or outdoors.

Yes, we run extensive background checks for all of our experts. All of our technicians have a clean record and are trustworthy and honest.

Your safety and peace of mind is just as important to us as fixing your leaky faucets.

We only hire licenced, skilled plumbers who have specialised knowledge of their niche. We prefer to hire specific people for specific types of plumbing needs so that we can offer you a guaranteed assurance of quality service.


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