How to install/replace a bathroom faucet

Leaky faucets can be very irksome but, replacing them with a new one is not as tough as it might seem. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, or are just tired of it being very outmoded, faucet installation is an easy DIY that requires no special or technical skills.

How difficult it is to replace or install a bathroom faucet clearly depends on the type of faucet you have. There are mainly three types of these that people prefer nowadays; (source)

  1. single hole
  2. 4” triple hole
  3. 8” triple hole

Such an installation is the easiest during new construction as the assembling becomes easy. But, if you are working on an existing sink, the ease of it will depend on the access to the underside of your sink. This installation can take you a little more than an hour and can range from $60-$160 depending upon the brand of supplies you use.

How to install replace a bathroom faucet
How to install/replace a bathroom faucet

For an easy installation/replacement of your bathroom faucet, follow the steps;

  1. Clear the surface of the countertop where the faucet will be placed. If the faucet comes with a rubber seal/ gasket, fit that onto the components, and push the faucet’s tailpiece up through the hole that supports it in the sink/counter. If your faucet does not come with a gasket, seal it with plumber’s putty.
  2. Now, slowly thread the washer and the nut onto the faucet’s tailpiece.
  3. Put the valves into their holes and tighten them.
  4. Connect the water supply tubes (flexible ones) and tailpieces together. Turn the nut clockwise and screw them with a wrench tightly.
  5. Start connecting the valves to the spout if it is a split set faucet. Wrap the ends of the valves (threaded) and the connecting piece with pipe-wrap tape and screw all the parts together.
  6. Now, install the drain pop up. Your faucet includes a drain pop up that helps in lifting the drain stopper with a sink lever. Assemble these two.
  7. Remove the existing tailpiece and install the new one if you are doing a replacement.
  8. Push the lifting rod into the hole in the spout, and attach the Pivot Rod with the help of an extension rod and spring clip.
  9. Adjust it if required so that the drain stopper moves properly.
  10. Now place the faucet and fully assembled countertop on the vanity or the cabinet, wherever you wish to place them finally.
  11. Connect the faucet’s hot and cold water supply tubes to the valves at the wall, bending the flexible supply tubes a little.
  12. Turn the nuts clockwise with the wrench until tight.
  13. Turn on the water at the Shut Off Valve handle. After this, turn the faucet to flush off any debris that has been collected so far.

Your brand new faucet is ready to be used! Faucets tend to last long so you do not have to worry about replacing them very often, if and only if you maintain them properly. The most famous faucet today is the one with separate mixing valves and trims which allows you to easily update your faucets without much work and cost.

Its understandable that some of you might find it complex and just prefer if a professional plumber did it for you. In which case, feel free to contact us and we’ll have your faucet ready within the hour.

How to install/replace a bathroom faucet
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