Sewer and Drain Services

Sewer repair and drain cleaning are very important aspects for every household. If you ignore sewer and drain maintenance, the foundation of your house, the yard, and the entire home plumbing are at high risk. So, always make sure you are on top of this issue.

To know if your sewer line is indicating a problem, look out for wastewater backing up in your sink, bathtub drain, dishwasher, etc. Sewer lines when clogged, damaged or broken produce a foul smell that is most likely to catch your attention. So whenever you experience any of these signs, a sewer repair is to be done.

Sewer and Drain Plumbing Edinburgh
Whereas, drain cleaning is suggested regularly irrespective of the fact that your drains are clogged or not. As serious indicators, whenever you notice slow draining in your sinks, bathtubs, etc., overflowing toilets, water backing up in the drains, and unpleasant smell, immediate drain cleaning is recommended.

We provide you with expert plumbing engineers who are available 24/7 to provide you with sewer repair and drain cleaning services in Edinburgh. The methods we cover to repair your sewer lines and drainage systems are as follows;

1. Trenchless Sewer Repair – This method replaces the sewer pipe without trenching/digging. As there is no digging all over again, this method is more affordable and less messy. The types of trenchless sewer repair are –

  • Pipe bursting: This is the environment-friendly method. It does not use any extra chemicals for the process and only focuses on replacing the damaged pipe with a new and better one. It is generally replaced with a safe HDPE pipe which is long lasting, eliminating the chances of sewer line damage in the near future.
  • Slip lining: This involves installing a liner to the existing sewer line, leading to a pipe within a pipe. The time for this process to settle down is about 30 hours in which is more than that in the pipe bursting method. Some slip lining projects have also resulted in producing a hazardous chemical known as styrene. Hence, we prefer going for the pipe bursting method instead of the slip lining method.

2. Open Trench Method – When the methods mentioned above are not an option to fix the sewer lines, we also offer professionals who excel in open trench method.

For drain cleaning, the services available are;

  1. Kitchen drain clogs – An excessive use of soap/detergents, grease from food lining and clogging the sink, food particles etc. often cause the kitchen sink drain to clog. We ensure you a debris-free kitchen through our professional drain plumbers.
  2. Shower and tub drain – A hair and soap build-up generally causes a bathroom clog. We have many ways like plunging, snaking, use of draining chemicals, etc. that will leave you with a new bathroom like before.
  3. Bathroom sink drains – Toothpaste, grime or soap can cause your bathroom sink to clog. We offer you top-notch services to get rid of any sort of clogging down your bathroom sink drain.
  4. Toilet drains – The reason for a clogged toilet drain can vary from human waste to paper tissues, baby towels, and sanitary napkins. This is one of the most common problems faced by all and we ensure you a clog-free toilet in no time.
  5. Downspout drains – These are the drains that make the path for the water to go from your home to city sewer systems. They generally get clogged with leaves, which lead to a backup problem as the water that is supposed to pass through your drain pipe, stays back. We provide you with services of cleaning the downspouts and connecting pipes with help of our professional plumbers.
Sewer and Drain Services
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