Standpipes Installation

Standpipes serve a very critical feature in a house building for the house owners as well as for the neighborhood. Basically, they are a rigid water piping built into multi-story buildings vertically or horizontally. Fire hoses can be connected to these pipes, allowing manual water application in case of fire. It serves the same purpose as that of a fire hydrant/pump.

As we all know, it is mandatory for all the users of water hydrant to obtain a Scottish water standpipe license. This approves you to draw out water from the standpipes. Standpipes are definitely not a substitute for the automatic fire extinguishers but are important for emergency issues as they can be handled by a single person also and do not depend on heat, smoke or flame (source).

Standpipes in edinburgh
Standpipes in edinburgh

Standpipes come in two variants: Dry standpipe and Wet standpipe.

In case of a dry standpipe, the pipes are with an intake case to the road, allowing fire engines to supply water to them immediately in case of fire. Whereas, a wet standpipe is already filled with water all throughout, not only allowing the usage by fire-fighters but also building occupants in case of emergency fire.

Anyone who owns a house in Edinburgh knows how expensive it is to own property there, hence, making it evident for the homeowners to take full protection against any incident involving fire that can occur. This makes the usage of standpipes in these houses very important and can also save the owners from a heavily damaged pocket.

Having a standpipe right at your place is the fastest response to fire minimizing the damage and increasing the probability of not being adversely affected by a causality that could otherwise be responsible for a heavy loss.

Insurance companies also prefer giving home insurance to people with standpipes involved as that decreases the risk of the whole property getting damaged severely. Fire hoses do not only save you money by protecting your property but also saves lives. It is a must to have these installed.

They also provide minimal water damage as water is applied directly where the fire takes place and is not sprayed all over like in automatic systems.

Other than that standpipes also provides redundancy, if the main water distribution system fails. Redundancy is basically the inclusion of extra components which may not be necessary for the regular function of the component but they work as a support backup.

We, at Edinburgh Plumbers, provide you highly trained plumbing engineers to help you install your standpipes during the construction of your house or even after it has been built, at the time of renovation. From experienced professionals to the best guidance, we have it all to make you understand the working of it and give you the best suggestions regarding the whole act. Installation of such a fire protection mechanism is a one-time investment that leads to a lot of saving in the future.

Standpipes Installation
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